GoDaddy Studio
GoDaddy Studio is born from the believe that creativity is the power to make change happen, the power to act on your ambitions. Studio is a mobile and desktop app to support and help entrepreneurs and small business owners to easily design, promote, and grow their brand online so they can create their success story from the palm of their hands.
We launched GoDaddy Studio in May 2021 relying mostly on social channels. Everything we did was driven by a creative storytelling approach designed to tap into the mentality of a small business owner. We aimed to reach the right audience by relating to them while evoking laughter and educating about our in-app content and tools. 
Since launching our social channels just over a year ago, we've achieved remarkable results. In a Day 30 in-app survey targeting new organic users, we found that more than 20% discovered our app through TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. Organic installs have surged by an impressive 24%, proving the effectiveness of our campaigns. In addition, our social presence has flourished with the accumulation of more than 200,000 followers and 180 million views, accompanied by 2,3 million engagements. These statistics (and some great comments like “This is *so* me” highlight the resonance of our content with the our target community. 
We also developed a distinctive tone of voice and a ever-changing visual expression under a brand new creative platform called 'Change Everything', most of it created within the app, showcasing Studio's endless possibilities with every piece of content. This content was used for socials, performance ads, app stores, in-app messaging and other paid media.
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