We developed this global multi-platform campaign asking young people from across the African continent, and the rest of the world, to ‘Draw The Line Against Malaria’ and call on leaders to end malaria in a generation.
Malaria is one of the world’s deadliest diseases and kills a child every two minutes. Africa carries the highest burden and it is alarming that COVID-19 may result in malaria deaths rising by 50% as access to healthcare, medicines and essential services is interrupted. Malaria No More needed a campaign idea that would inspire a generation to unite and take action to end malaria for good.
The star-studded creative campaign invites youth from across Africa and the globe to join the movement to end the world’s oldest deadliest disease. The ground-breaking campaign taps into a cultural moment where new generations are claiming their futures back from this deadly disease, combining a digital platform, activation and powerful film.
The campaign invites people to share the cinematic hero film, directed by acclaimed Nigerian music video director Meji Alabi, which showcases the captivating talent and energy emanating out of the African continent. The stars are joined by global artist Láolú Senbanjo, and a team of malaria community champions who feature in different scenes to tell the human story of malaria and the devastating impact it has on their education, employment, health and prospects.
At the heart of the campaign idea is a fresh new universal visual language made up of lines, symbols and patterns, the ‘Muundo’, - created by acclaimed Nigerian artist, activist, and human rights lawyer, Láolú Sebanjo.
The language, is a beautiful, eye-catching visual representation of the actions that are needed to end malaria once and for all within a generation, from cutting-edge technology and innovations to increased investment and bold political actions.
Each line will create a unique piece of art that is added to a globally crowdsourced mural. The artwork will be presented to world leaders as a collective message of solidarity powered by the people at the Malaria and NTDs Summit on 24 June 2021, on the eve of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Kigali, Rwanda. The Summit is a milestone moment in the malaria fight and enabler of game changing political decisions including delivering the commitment to halve malaria across the Commonwealth by 2023.
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